Guitar Tots


What age does my child have to be?
The Piano Kins method is specially developed to teach kids the basics of playing piano focusing on The Natural Hand Position. It is aimed at children aged 3 upwards, however the same fundamentals apply to anyone learning piano, no matter what age.

Does Piano Kins work for both Piano and Keyboard?
The lessons are suitable for all sized Pianos and Keyboards as it is based around the 5 Finger, Natural Hand Positions so it is designed around the musical alphabet in one position.

Do I need to be able to play piano to use this course with my child?
Definitely not. The video lessons cover the process that your child learns by, however depending on the age of your child then there may need to be adult supervision to give a little structure and help initially, but it is very easy to use and anyone can understand it. It goes without saying though that if you are fortunate enough to be able to play piano yourself then you can enjoy playing the lessons with your child.

Could an adult learn to play piano using the Piano Kins course?
Absolutely! Whilst it's not necessary for you to be able to play piano for your child to use Piano Kins, if you follow the course throughout then you will also gain the skills and basic knowledge required to play piano.

How long will it take my child to learn a song?
The lessons are set out so that they become progressively more challenging, so the very basic songs could be learned in a single session, but as the saying goes 'practice makes perfect' so as long as your child practices regularly then they will make progress. Little and often is fine.

How does Piano Kins help my child long term?
The great thing about playing piano is that once you have learned The Natural Hand Position technique then this enables your child for more advanced learning.

Why is Piano Kins better than just getting my child a private teacher?
The main reason is affordability. The cost of Piano Kins is about the same price you would pay for ONE, half hour lesson if you were to hire a private teacher. Piano Kins also comes complete with song sheets, colouring sheets, interactive games and stories which any standard piano teacher would not provide, plus the online video lessons mean that you have a teacher to hand anytime of the day.

Do I need access to a printer to print off the lesson material?
No way. Everything your child needs is sent to you. The only time you would need to print anything is if you decide to check out the free lesson.

I have another question to ask. Can I contact you?
Yes certainly. Just email: and we'll answer any question within 12 hours.

Purchasing Questions

How long will I need to wait for the course to arrive?
Once you have placed your order then the full course will be dispatched on the same day. Generally it will arrive with you within 1 - 2 days in the UK (subject to Bank Holidays). How secure is my purchase?

How secure is my purchase?
Your purchase is made through Paypal which is probably the most popular, well known and secure payment system online.

If I wanted a refund how difficult is it?
Our reputation means everything to us and we wouldn't get far as an online business if we messed people around. In the unlikely event of you wanting a refund all you need to do is email us at within 60 days and we will refund the full cost, no questions asked and what's more, you will get to keep the course with our best wishes.