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Martin Rushforth Guitar Teacher

The Piano Kins video lessons are presented by Samantha Griffiths who has been playing Piano & Keyboard for almost 30 years now and teaching piano and keyboard for over 10 years.

In that time she has learned a lot about how to tailor teaching to all kinds of people, from very young children to students who are in their 70's.

The key to teaching anyone is to make sure that the goals set in lessons are achievable and never too high so that the student gains a sense of progress.

It is also important to try and make playing piano a fun thing to do and never a chore, whilst at the same time learning important technique and understanding of the instrument.

Being able to play piano has given Samantha many years of pleasure and she is keen to pass on her knowledge to others.

Samantha lives in the UK, a busy town called Stevenage where she teaches privately.

She also performs in a duo 'Beatroot' regularly:

Beatroot Rock Duo

Rock Duo - Beatroot

In 2012 Samantha set up a successful singing group - Sing Rock which meets every week and also performs live in the UK:

Sing Rock

Samantha performing at an open air festival with Sing Rock.